Find out about my different classes by scrolling below. I teach online via Zoom as well as “live” in person classes. 

My style is very inclusive, I’m able to adapt exercises/ moves for my participants and classes are warm and welcoming.

There could be a class just waiting for you!


This Girl Can Classes - Where getting it wrong is totally alright

Looking to start exercising but not really sure where to begin?

Nervous about trying something new?

Where getting it wrong it totally alright. If you’ve got two left feet or never done a push up in your life, then these classes are for you.


This Girl Can Classes will give you the confidence to try new moves, understand different fitness class options, and even make new friends.

When are the classes?

Your This Girl Can Classes take place 26th April - 17th May ’22

Tuesdays 10am at The Westend Centre

4 weeks £24


7th June - 12th July '22

6 weeks - £36


How to book...

For more information and to book your space contact me on 07941 007892 


Fitness Pilates

Fitness Pilates is an innovative and highly effective full body workout designed to give you a slimmer figure with lean toned muscles.


I am a functional trainer and build this into our Fitness Pilates classes so that the whole body receives a dynamic body sculpting workout which engages and strengthens your core/waist and lower back .


Teaching a group exercise class designed to enhance posture, strength, balance and stability. The class welcomes all ages and levels of fitness.

Westend Centre, (Warwick Corps of Drums/Marching Band)

Hampton Road , Warwick CV34 6JP

Wednesdays 10.15am


27th April - 18th May ’22

4 weeks £36


8th June - 13th July '22

6 weeks £54

Pilates Stretches
Upbeat Dance Class

SOSA Dance Fitness

Empowering and inspiring women to get up dancing, boost their confidence and achieve their fitness goals without fear or judgement. 

​SOSA Dance fitness is a low impact, high energy dance class, using authentic dance steps and styling for beautiful dances from all over the world from salsa, latin, ballroom and numerous international dance styles to create one fantastic fusion of dance fitness!


Come and “Dance Yourself Happy!"

Wednesdays 9.15am

Westend Centre, (Warwick Corps of Drums/Marching Band)

Hampton Road , Warwick CV34 6JP

Wednesdays 7.30pm

Chase Meadow Community Centre,

Narrowhall Meadow, Warwick CV34 6BT

Both classes - Wednesdays 27th April  - 17th May '22 

4 weeks £28

Drop in class £8

Both classes - Wednesdays 8th June
  - 13th July '22 

6 weeks £48

Drop in class £8



UNITE yoga/ Pilates/ Body Conditioning Fusion...

A fabulous feel good fusion of Fitness Yoga, Pilates & Body Conditioning combining the flexibility of yoga, core strength of Pilates & a cardiovascular element all in one class.


This class is performed barefoot to give you the best possible the best possible connection with your natural balance &  posture.


A truly invigorating workout, designed to UNITE mind, body, fitness & fun.

UNITE is ‘live' at
Chase Meadow Community Centre Narrow Hall Meadow

Warwick CV34 6BT


Mondays  5.30 - 6.30 pm

25th April - 16th May '22 (No class Bank Holiday 2nd May) 

3 weeks £24  

and online via Zoom

Wednesdays 6pm

27th April - 18th May  

4 weeks £28


Mondays 5.30 - 6.30 pm

6th June - 11th July '22

6 weeks £48

and online via Zoom

Wednesdays 6pm

8th June - 13th July  

6 weeks £42

Double whammy, both UNITE classes in a week for 6 weeks, £84

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Couple Walking

Active Walking

Active Walking Courses based in Warwick focus on correct body alignment as you walk, so that each step is effective at improving your posture, fitness, body shape and tone.

Courses are for anyone curious about walking properly, easing pressure on knees and for those looking to improve their fitness through walking in 2021 and beyond.

I have been teaching active walking for over 11 years now and see amazing results in terms of posture, reduced hip and knee pain, better body tone especially around the waist and back area as well as improved fitness levels by using this simple yet effective walking method.


Walk Fit 

Active walking has been shown to improve posture, reduce joint stress and improve body shape, specifically around the waistline.


We always keep one foot in contact with the ground, unlike running which is quite hard on the knee joints, and by walking actively you can increase your walking speed by up to 24%.


We can use this fact to help us improve our fitness. 

Four week "Walk Fit for Summer...


St Nicholas Park, Warwick  Mondays 9.30 - 10.30am - from 20th June - 11th July

Plus a coffee gathering planned for straight after our last session.

£90 (including your cuppa)


Get in touch to book your place today...

On a Walk
Couple Walking

“Get Active Walking” Workshop 

You will learn all the basics of the Active Walking technique so that every step you take you’ll be walking in correct postural alignment, recruiting the right muscles, in the right way, at the right time and in the right sequence.


I plan on walking this way until the end of my days -  less pressure on my joints, an abdominal and arm workout as I walk, great for toning the body and when used properly, for getting a good cardiovascular workout too!


If you want to connect with your body, look better, feel better and perform better,  please join me.

Saturday 14th May 9.30 - 11 am
Based in St Nicks Park Warwick, £50